Super Hero

Vital Stats:

Height: 4 feet 9
Weight: 80
Ethnicity: hispanic
Hair Type: wavey
Hair Length: long
Hair Description: eyes
Body Type:
Body Description: hair

I look awsome

I was born with both of my parents dead. I was sent to a foster home. I cried every night i didn't like it there. I was walking down the forest and a meteor was coming straight at me. I was terrified I couldn't even move. Shakti pushed me out of the way. I thanked her so much.She saved my life! I went back to the foster home. I couldn't even believe what happened.One day, i was walking down the streets and Shakti was there saving the town. Chaos was about to hit her with a ball of fire I ran as fast as i could and I pushed her out of the way.It hit me.I fainted.I was at the hospital and Shakti came to visit me . She said because of my heroeism she was going to give me powers.She did give me powers and I moved out of the foster home and went to live with Shakti and her warriors. She inroduced me to the warriors. We got along very well! I lived happily saving people's lives!

I would use my fire powers to save people from villans. I would use the rest of my powers for good.