Super Hero

Vital Stats:

Height: 4 feet 10
Weight: 125
Ethnicity: other
Hair Type: straight
Hair Length: short
Hair Description: i can copy my emeny trick
Body Type:
Body Description: can look like the emeny and talk like them

it has a spirt ball and eyes too so he can tren to any person he want but he has stuff that what a guy/girl has.

he does realy know the only thing he knew was that he was on plant earth and grow up in the city and people think he is a mutent and no one realy know were he came from.

he will stop all the bad thing that is going to happen and try to make the world a great place and wants to stop useing oil and people whould use the sun for there cars and the car's will save a lot of the sun energy for the night so they can use it night and day.